Keeping Track of Your Books Can Help You Earn a Profit

When I first started my business from home a while back I thought I knew how to keep close track of my finances and expenditures.  So you can imagine how surprised and dismayed I was to find out that instead of earning money, or even breaking even – I was actually losing money steadily over the previous year.  It took a while, but I finally discovered that I hadn’t been keeping track of certain basic living expenses – indeed, some of them weren’t even included in my regular operating costs.  So that some expenses that I had taken for granted were costing me more than I had anticipated. 


Correcting this error required more than erasures on the balance sheet.  It required some changes in my way of thinking.  For example, the regular costs of maintaining my office and business had to be separated from the costs of living at home.  Sometimes these would overlap.  For example, the expenses that accrued when I had customers over to discuss business matters would necessarily include expenses for entertainment, meeting supplies, and condiments.  Often these would automatically go into our home budget for food.  But how often did we serve shrimp and crab salad sandwiches to our family at home?  By the same token, our business office rarely required the supplies we bought from Home Depot for our pool maintenance. 


This was how I discovered that the assistance of a bookkeeper and finance manager would be necessary if I really wanted to see that our firm was operating and managing money efficiently.  I also wanted to be certain that we took advantage of savings available using Groupon  to get discounts of up to 65% off the cost of new flooring – something both our office and our home needed desperately.  So before even venturing into these new projects I decided to consult with a bookkeeper and finance advisor to assure that we made a proper record of expenditures and income.  This way we could invest our income in our home improvements while knowing that our business profits wouldn’t be threatened.   My new bookkeeper not only developed a way for me to keep accurate records of profits and expenditures; he showed me how I was losing money by failing to take advantage of many other Groupon deals available from Home Depot.  These opportunities increased my business performance by reducing expenses considerably.

What kind of industry will need a bookkeeping system most in Melbourne?

Bookkeeping is a fairly straightforward kind of accounting, and can be seen in all walks of life. However what kind of industry needs bookkeeping? We show you the businesses that need it most, and others where financial accounting might be better.

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a system recording financial transactions including sales, expenditure, purchases and receipts. Bookkeeper records is as ancient as 2600 BC Babylonia where a rudimentary form of bookkeeping was discovered. There are different systems like the single and double entry bookkeeper systems. A single system relies on one sided book entry and a double requires a corresponding entry for any transaction. Often a bookkeeper system will have a delay due to the fact it will be pending for an effect to take place from the transaction.

Where can bookkeeping be most effective?

Bookkeeper systems tend to cater more for a local market rather than a multinational market due to the expertise in the local regulations with financial transactions. Bookkeeper systems are also more manual so would be a local accountancy firm. A local bookkeeper in Melbourne which is highly recommended is Bookkeeper Melbourne co and their website is If your finances are fairly uncomplicated in nature (no international transactions and customers are local), a simple bookkeeper system would be better.

For example if you have a floral business, you may require a bookkeeper to help track your expenditure and outgoing costs (stock, materials, wages) and revenue, and help you collate onto a spreadsheet for you.
However, if your business is larger, you may need a bookkeeper to only track a specific cost. For example, you are a construction manager with 7 employees and need a spreadsheet to know how much a new property development will cost. This might include the cost of a new project, detailed breakdown of cost and estimated outgoings.
If your business is larger still, you may only need to hire a bookkeeper for more specific costs. For example, you are the owner of a small manufacturing plant, and need to know how much it costs to hire more people. You can ask the bookkeeper to create a spreadsheet to estimate he costs and eventual profits generated from the additional hire. Financial accounting might prove to be better as they have more applications, resources and expertise at their disposal.


If you are a business owner with a few employees, a bookkeeper is vital, no matter what industry you want to join. Whether it’s for a small floral shop, a software consultancy or a small franchise, you can be sure a bookkeeper like Bookkeeper Melbourne co can help you with your accounting needs. However, if your needs are more specific and require financial estimates, a payroll operation or something to that effect, a financial accountant or consultant may be better. This is because they are more likely to have more expertise, knowledge, industry insight, applications and resources than a bookkeeper.